When I decided to become a therapist, I chose Pacifica Graduate Institute because I liked its holistic, creative approach. 

Since graduating in 2004, my education and training continue. I completed a two-year training program that emphasized developmental psychology from birth through adulthood. I have a great professional community in the Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study. I've taken classes in affect regulation, play therapy, somatic psychotherapy, couples therapy, new approaches to trauma treatment, and personality development. 

I offer classes, presentations and consultations to other professionals. (See "Presentations" page for details.) I also enjoy writing about psychology and pop culture for publications including BenBella Books' "Smart Pop" series, and Crosscut.com. For several years I coordinated an annual arts show by and for therapists. 

Finally, one of my qualifications is simply that I love the whole process of feeling, thinking, and trying to understand. I became a therapist partly because so many friends told me I had a way of listening that helped them really hear themselves. Also, I've had a lot of personal experience in developing strong, loving family and friend relationships that last over time, and I think that's an asset in my work. 

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