April 2011. (forthcoming) "Troubles with boundaries: Some notes on trauma and the sense of self." details to follow.

April 2010. "Doubting well (and not so well): Doubt as a theme in therapy with abuse survivors." presented to the annual Forum Conference of the Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study.

October 2009. "A small bundle of shivers: Imagery of true and false selfhood in Dickens's Great Expectations." presented to the International Federation for Psychoanalytic Education annual conference.

October 2005. "The life-sustaining glance: Archetypal imagery of wounding and healing to the sense of self." Master's thesis, Pacifica Graduate Institute (revised). Presented to Pacifica alumni consult group, Seattle. 

Classes offered through the Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Theory:

"Orienting, Holding and Containing: An Introduction to Psychoanalytic Study" (Spring 2010, 2011)

"Love and Death in Dickens and Brontë: A Reading Seminar" (Fall, Winter and Spring, 2010-11)


"The Ego, the Id, and Sookie Stackhouse: True Blood's Freudian Analysis of Intimacy." in Wilson (ed.), A Taste of True Blood. BenBella Books, 2010. 

"Darn your sinister attraction!: Narcissism in Buffy's relationship with Spike." in Davidson (ed), The Psychology of Joss Whedon. BenBella Books.    206-390-7875