How therapy helps

Therapy is really just a conversation. A well-trained therapist is a safe and helpful person to talk with. We meet at a regular time to pay attention to you, your life, how you're feeling and thinking. (Or, in the case of child therapy, we meet to play with the toys and art materials in my office.) We can talk about whatever's on your mind, or problem-solve, or look for new angles on old familiar stuck places. We can also just be together at times when you don't need to be "helped" or "fixed" so much as simply heard. 

You might not be able to put a finger on why talking like this helps, but you should get a clear sense that it is helping. I think it helps not to be alone with a problem you feel stuck with. Sometimes two heads are better than one! 

If you have specific questions about how therapy works or how I approach it, you're welcome to ask me via phone or email (but please keep in mind that email is not entirely confidential.) 206-390-7875 or    206-390-7875